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  • Top 5 Tips After Receiving Your Dream Color

    • Only use recommended color safe Shampoo and Conditioner. My go to are from Matrix Total Results which has specific line for each different hair needs

    • Always apply leave in spray or cream to protect your hair from UV damage, heat styling tools, and dryness.

    • Sleep with satin/silk sheets, pillowcase, and/or hair scarf.

    • Avoid tight hair ties when wearing a ponytail or bun. This causes unnecessary tension which leads to breakage

  • Maintaining The Look

    The Perfect Hair Color (Root Retouch): Since hair grows an average of 1/2" a month standard time between a color application is 4-6 weeks but some can extend up to 8 weeks.

    Balayage & Weave Tease Foil Dimensional Color (

    Traditional Highlights (Face Frame, Partial, & Full Highlights): Being that this does not